December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas To All the Bastards, Christians and You

Stovall 17F Wildlife Manger FeederI've said it before. I do not understand why people say Merry Christmas. When most of the Christians I see are about who they hate, I cannot tell why the hell they became Christians. New York is full of all that. We aren't all pansified nicey nice people, but hate is hate. You know the crowd, "Shoot them first, then let God sort them out." This bullshit bumper sticker religion is not what I'm gonna hear tonight when my buddy Leonard drags my ass to his church.

Flannel Santa SuitWe will sing, lalala, then we'll hit a pub and he will bitch about how awful those damn Muslims, Hindus, atheists and Boston Red Sox fans are. I don't give a damn if he disagrees with them, and I totally agree with him about the BoSox, but what game is he playing? Here's a guy I am glad doesn't own a gun. Good guy in every other way, but he is a bastard when it comes to people he doesn't like.

I like Christmas carols. I like the Salvation Army Santas. I like people stepping up and volunteering.

That same bastard Leonard also talked me into helping pack food bags for hungry homeless people.We're doing that Monday. See, there he is, a bullet short of taking out a bunch of Muslims, doing something nice. I don't have the heart to tell him some of the homeless people are Muslims. Hahaha.

Christmas is a strange time of year. People are their most generous, most hateful, most loving, most confused sons of bitches than at any other time of year.

No, I'm not into that Festivus for the Rest of Us bullshit. This is Christmas. I'm not going to try to take that away from anyone. And here, anyone who wants to say Merry Christmas can.

So Merry Christmas. If you believe this stuff, then believe this stuff.

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